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the red queen ate my Alice

first spied in sixth recalled summer

swirling, tumbling---then full-smile

reveal at seventh's brisk

the onset of a dreadful adventure

raw dough rabbit daintily

laced with salted, bubbly tea

blistering, craved--- am I crazed?

starving white / starling blue

filled wet with gummy fluids 

virginal beating / moist drops, staining,

appear before clear necessity

baby ladybugs crusted,

popped beyond small lives, stuck

in folds of a fabric tongue

someone's been stealing glances 

at skirt petals, shirt blossoms

here to capture my life, my becoming? 

you won't get to know it ---

I, too young, won't register 

subtexts of adult discernment 

Alexis Telyczka is a writer and recent graduate of the N.J. Institute of Technology.

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