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Act II Of The Unruly Hair Potraits

J.E Crum



J.E. Crum is a fantastical artist who creates vividly abstracted variations of self-portraits in mythology-inspired narratives in parallel to aspects of her life. Working intuitively, Crum creates personal narratives related to thoughts about fate, destiny and the meaning of dreams. J.E. also has an exciting career as an elementary art teacher of nearly one thousand children a week in rural locales of central Pennsylvania. Crum believes in the power art possesses to make others happy.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Making my art is a journey of self-discovery. I create self-portraits inspired by fantasy creatures and mythical beings including dragons, mermaids and a range of ancient mythologies. Personal narratives develop when I create art as I explore my beliefs about fate, destiny, and the meaning of dreams. My focus is to engage in the aesthetic of creating art as a form of relaxation, attempting to use the artistic experience to cultivate growth in my creativity and just enjoy the feeling of being lost in the process.

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