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Your Moon Is Not Broken

Sadhika Ganguli

to accept the moon

you can’t only have its crescent

you don’t pick and choose

what you have and what you lose

though it has its cracks and its craters

and the dark, unknown side

you love the moon for what it is

not for what it lacks

you, similar to the moon, have flaws

but, love yourself for them

not in spite of them

and while you embody this satellite

do not be fearful of your darker facet

to be vulnerable and allow a visitor in

and just because it’s dark

doesn’t mean you haven’t seen the light

and the cavities and craters

do not mean you’re crazy

having a hole does not mean you are broken

the rugged, rocky moon is similar

to the scars your heart has

but similar to the moon, you are beautiful

your acceptance is your completeness

you come full circle, as the moon does


Sadhika Ganguli, 17. Writing has saved her from dark moments and been her pair of sunglasses in the bight ones. She self-published her book “pieces.” and was published in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing. For her, writing is about connecting one’s heart and mind through words

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