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No Es Amor

Kyle Dal Santo

Your smile, sweet flowers

Electric eyes, a girly smile

Curves for days, sass all night

Dancing to the mariachis

Laughing like there’s no tomorrow

Chasing the children chasing each other

Staring at each other from across the room

Smiling every time

We saw the future together

I wanted it today

You always looked at me different

I always made you laugh

We’d always talk shit, hiding our real intentions

So our eyes did the talking

Wishing our hands could do the dancing

So we waited

We were still young and stupid

Yet we learned so much

But when we couldn’t hide it anymore

Others began to notice

The games became the only game

We were not playing it right

We were from different worlds

From different lives

But we didn’t care

At least, I didn’t

We were warned and threatened

But it was too late

Soon the night was our dance floor

We loved and sang as one

But always in secret

Sometimes, that made it sweeter

Made it more dangerous

Added to our fun

The forbidden made it all the more passionate

And each night when we said goodbye

We kissed at laughed, children committing their first crimes

Runaways clinging to love

But it wasn’t love, you said

Our future can never be

Our families would wage war, our friends would rise up

You’re too you, I’m too me

Our worlds would never embrace, only collide

I’d bite my tongue, pretend not to be hurt

Because I still had you, thought time was on my side

How foolish

All good things end

All great things are torn away

Your brothers threatened violence

Your mother threatened banishment

“He’s not like us”

It was more than fun to me, more than just an adventure

It wasn’t easy for you either,

You just pretended to be stronger

“This isn’t really love”

Speak for yourself.


My name is Kyle Dal Santo, a writer from Chicago currently living in Los Angeles. I have been writing ever since I was old enough to write my name, and writing in prose for about as long. I have a lifetime obsession with music (especially punk rock), an infatuation with the beautifully depressing/depressingly beautiful, and a lifetime of "colorful" experiences that has reinvigorated my love for reading and writing poetry. Last year I published two poetry books, one titled "Confessions of A Lost Boy" and the other titled "Welcome To The Rapture!!!", both of which have received positive reviews. Aside from poetry, I also write musical lyrics, short stories, and comic books.

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