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Half A Righteousness Away

Sebastian Rothwyn

Scenes from my life are filled with glimpses of truth

Ripped from the annals of a misspent youth

Not misspent because of opportunities wasted

But from the delusion that all that was served should be tasted

From the starving angel to the sermon on the mount

I refused to accept what this life was all about

It was not the toil that led to the land milk and honey

Because some people are so poor that all they have is money

It was knowing that regardless of my knowledge and conviction

All I ever desired just fed an addiction

To satisfy my pain and my thoughtless wisdom

Which I had to let go of to find the keys to the kingdom

For the throne of lies is easily built

It’s full of greed and cleverness, lust and guilt

All the vices in the world and the world has many

Could not help me discover this one epiphany

That the pathway which leads to the abundance of light

Is darkest when you are no longer confused, or fight

Your eyes open greater than ever in the dark

Where values that fill the soul leave their mark

You forget all the times you felt strong but were weak

Until tinctures of joy remind you you’ve peaked

Like leaves that turn brown and sail earthward in autumn

One finds oneself when looking up from the bottom

To know one’s self is the greatest deception

Because change is constant there is no such perception

Of knowing the person in the mirror is you

For reflections are all the other colors taken from view

And absorbed into time is the one from before

That you used to call you and now is no more

Save the little that shines to guide you on your way

To a bold new future, half a righteousness away



Accomplished filmmaker and photographer, Sebastian Rothwyn, has always been an avid writer and storyteller. He has published articles for Reality Check with MVP Gaming Magazine, The Communicator, and mentors artists in New York City. As a soldier in the US Army National Guard, he also teaches resiliency training as a preventative measure to assist soldiers with the psychological tools that build optimism and help them thrive through adversity.

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