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On Connecting

Brooke June

when we were kids we used to help mom pull weeds

from the front yard you would make pancakes some mornings

careful not to burn yourself again we went dirt biking

and ate shit face-first I tried to hold each of your cuts

for my own you held me like a sister we made fists

on the kitchen counter watching lighting storms through

the big window at 3am we made forts out of bedsheets

tying and re-tying the ends I helped you with homework

till our palms ached we rolled snowmen on rare winters

before the desert sun could erase our new world

when we talk now, long distance, I want to squeeze all

the kept words from our mouths like some silent revolution


Brooke June is a poet, violinist, and music teacher residing in Austin, Texas. She earned her BA in Music Industry Studies at California State University, Northridge. She is the creator and host of the Austin-based Hearsay Poetry open-mic and Podcast. Her poetry has been published with Austin International Poetry Festival, Driftwood Press, Projector Magazine, and Third Street Writers.

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