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You, Me & Your Enigmatic Universe

by pia Cabanela

My works veer towards depicting the gamut of human emotions. I use acrylic to paint things I cannot see in the real world, I paint metaphors in a heavily layered artwork conveying somehow the multiple surfaces of how I feel. My inspirations start with a singular word and evolves to a deeper understanding of what I want to visualize.

about the artist:

Pia Cabanela (PiaCabs) is a Los Angeles-based artist who works with acrylic medium to illustrate her thoughts onto a canvas. She was formerly a speechwriter to a former national defense secretary in the Philippines, where she was born and raised. Her frequent mode of transportation for the first five professional years were Hueys in the company of mainly military men. She also was a TV documentary writer in one of the country's biggest networks, GMA-7. She was the writer/producer of the show Reporter's Notebook's documentary Backdoor, which won the Silver Screen Award at the 2005 US Film and TV in New York, about the plight of Filipinos who choose to cross the South China Sea illegally in search for a better life.

She studied advertising at Assumption College in Makati and did post-grad studies in film and television at the International Academy of Film and TV. She has shown her work throughout Los Angeles at the Atwater Village Artwalk, the RAW 10th Art Show: Reflect, and the Araw Ng Mga Patay Day of the Dead exhibition at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park. She also contributes to two Filipino American publications, US Asian Post and

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