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Six Days Before Departure 

Laura Mota

you’ll meet someone

who will touch you without hurry &

they’ll be worried about your pleasure.

they’ll tell you how Kundera changed their life's

perspective and you’ll listen more than talk

cause the amount of commonalities

will border embarrassment.

you’ll be fascinated and stay eleven hours

with that stranger. you’ll sleep

they’ll kiss your knees, you’ll talk about tattoos and

how this city made you two feel at home.

they’ll whisper things in a foreign language,

you’ll want to know every movement of their tongue

et oui, tu apprendras très vite

you’ll have no regrets,

they’ll remind you what warmth means.

it should always be like this.


Laura Mota is a Brazilian writer, portrait photographer, and tote bags painter based in Montreal. Her poetry has been published in Portal Magazine, and Dreamers Magazine. She is currently attending Concordia University as an undergraduate student in Creative Writing.

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