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C. Butler

Eyes wandering, pondering

Wondering which one will suffice.

Trying to start a project, but at what price?

Never gone down this road before

Making a selection, seeming unsure.

Ash, oak or maple,

They’re only a staple.

He wants Mahogany.

This reddish-brown timber comes from a tropical tree.

Out of his league, he doesn’t agree.

Harvested from the wild,

This project’s not for a child.

West Indian.

He begins again,

To shape and mold...this quality so bold.


Trying not to pierce a finger

On the sharp edges of this masterpiece.

Carving, starving to see this work come to its finish.

Trying not to diminish its value.

This lumber lives.

The breath it gives is reciprocal.

His hands gently shape and caress

The nape of this “Mahogany”.

His prodigy.

This tropical piece has been exposed to the heat, humidity, fluidity

Of jungle life

Using his tools, carving his knife.

Meticulously shaping, his mind escaping,

Thinking about how Mahogany will be free.

This artist’s hands demands that his work stands alone.

Beholding this beauty,

he knows it’s his duty,

To prize this possession.

His obsession.

His craft. Not a draft.

His reality.


This woman is his.

Joined by one simple Kiss.

His Mahogany.


My name is Cherie Butler, and I have been an avid writer since grade school. I have always loved the freedom of expression that comes with writing poetry, storytelling, and just the idea of putting my unique ideas on paper. I am thrilled that you are considering my work! Although I have not yet been published, I am confident that my writing will inspire you the way it does for me. I am a native resident of Washington D.C. and currently live in the D.C. Metro area. I am self-employed as a Professional Organizer, and while I spend time decluttering and organizing other people’s lives, writing helps me “declutter and organize” my thoughts.

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