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Marie Kelly


Marie Kelly is a Melbourne born and bred creative. Her interests lie in acting, writing, film and television, as well as photography. There's not one set category that Marie seems to fit into. She's at her happiest when she is making and creating, be it on her own or amongst a group of creatives. Since the early 2000s, Marie has been creating stories through poetry, short fiction and screenwriting. She majored in Creative Writing during her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, which is where she discovered her love for poetry and screenwriting. Since 2015, Marie has published five books: "Pixel People", "Painted Memories" ,"Tigers Play Hide and Seek", "Postcard Poetry" and “Tales of Teenage Turbulence and Other Terrible Times”. As you can see from these titles, Marie loves alliteration. The attached story, 'Mirrors' is a story about loss, identity and acceptance.

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