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To Learn Something About Loneliness

Desiree Dufresne



Desiree works as a language arts teacher in Los Angeles, CA and has received two degrees in History. She has participated in small art fairs in the Los Angeles area, and her work has been featured in several fine art publications, including Abstract: Contemporary Expressions magazine, Deluge Literature and Arts Journal, The Raw Art Review, and Prometheus Dreaming. Her artwork is included in private art collections throughout the United States.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Desiree is interested in exploring emotions, memories, and lived experiences through the endlessly kaleidoscopic lenses of artistic curiosity, critique, wonder, and spontaneity. The artist's unique sense of texture and composition brings the viewer into another world of perception wherein colors and shapes tell a story that is at once intensely personal to Desiree, and meant just as much to be creatively interpreted by every viewer. The self-taught artist works most frequently in abstract expressionist paintings using acrylic, oil paint, and found items. She loves experimenting with different media and unusual objects, exploring the strengths and challenges of each one. Her style is confident, irreverent, and at times absurd, but every line, scribble, distorted shape, and unusual color is applied with studied intent.

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