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That Summer

Evelyn Olmos 

the rain never stopped did it?

Juárez flooded    skin

pruned and peeled

concrete walls tumbled

water overflowed

picked dirt on the way in

making a mess of your home

when your husband comes

he will condemn

the wreckage your love

creates in him but you

will blame it on this flood

his fists never stopped did they?

they stormed your body

ridding you of sin

what a miracle the    skies

parted and gave you his rain

allowed you to know love

the way it bruises

and aches deep

you were born with this

body full of damnation

and you will die

engulfed in his flood

in order to be born again


Evelyn Olmos is a poet born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received a BA in Sociology and Spanish, and a BA in English Studies from the University of New Mexico in May 2017.

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